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Malapa's Challenge!

2007-10-04 17:03:22 by ngrey651

Go ahead and say what you will about the game Malapa's Challenge. However I, being the nice guy I am, have codes for it. That's right. Malapa's Challenge codes. (The reason I said those last three words are for Googlers who want help.)

So then, let me start off by saying this: The moonwalk code is funny. You're walkin' backwards! Cuuuute.

Now, here are some helpful tips before the codes:

1. Healing spots are your friend. Battle near them constantly. You'll be able to heal by using your healing spells and you can easily refill the PP you have by standing on the healing point. Rinse and repeat and you'll rise in levels like (snaps fingers) that.

2. What's the deal with the preloader stuff? Well you get the moonwalk code. But you also get information to answer Zeus's questions. However I'm gonna tell you what the answers are...NOT! Look 'em up! Learn, my friend.

3. What's the deal with that other door in Hel's stage? Behind it is a foe even more dangerous than Hel herself...DEATH. And he can kick your @$$ like it's nothing. Be careful!

4. How do I get so and so out of the building, activate switches, etc? Okay, you should know how to do this, okay?

5. How do I get that anger thing up? Simple. Get attacked. It's like a limit break, the more damage dealt to you, the higher it goes. Of course, it means you'll wanna heal up often though if you choose to go into a battle without protection from spells and attacks, but you'll get that limit bar up quickly.

Finally, we come to the bosses.

He's not even very sentient. This jerk took over poor Biff, who's just trying to do his job with a smile, which is hard, considering some in the asylum probably consider smiling a message that means "I want you to bite me". The Minotaur just growls and attacks you with that lance/axe of his, snort at you and stomp around. Easy peasy. Attack with blasts and your fists, heal when needed, and he goes down. He has 6250 HP, 3125 PP.

She's fallen into a bad crowd. Usually their kind pity humans. Not this one. As for how to cream her, see above. Only by now you've leveled up some and you should be much stronger. Don't forget the Phoenix spell if you're worried about dying. She'll wail at you with her voice and use her blades, but she does go down. She has exactly the same stats health and PP wise as the Minotaur.

This guy Driscol I really can't stand. He's annoying. He's a crazy loony who teamed up with the dark Greek god of pain and he's the one pulling the strings. Poor Deimos got more than he bargained forl, especially considering now you should have leveled up enough to defend yourself with protective spells and, above all, your first blade spell! He has 12500 HP, 6250 PP.

This guy Phillips is just as annoying! He's the first guy's friend and he also teams up with a dark god, Phobos, Greek god of Fear. He's a real pain because he'll pound on you and won't let up, but by now you should have the second blast spell. Mind over matter, brains over brawn! Beat him and Phobox will whine about how HE should have been in control. He has the same HP and PP as his brother.

Tiamat is upset about how humans have been trashing the oceans. While I feel kinda sorry for her (she did get torn into pieces by Marduk at one point, her husband who STARTED her on the path to evil didn't get much punishment at all), you need to stop her. She'll claw you and use cool spells, but you should have the both shield spells and the Phoenix 2 spell. Beat her, and she'll try to take another body, but Zeus interferes. She respectfully leaves after that. She has 18750 HP and 9375 PP.

Just when you thought you'd have to beat down those two inmates and their god friends, guess what? You can't possess the same human twice, dipsticks. And Ares, their dad, is PISSED. He saw you beat Tiamat...that's not good. He attacks you, but by now you should have the Blade 2 spell. Unload on him. He'll whine and moan about how there's no hope or love and yadda yadda...then Aphrodite will interfere. Hah! He's WHIPPED. (No offense to the women.) His HP and PP are the same as Tiamat.

You'll find the God of Death is waiting for you. (Funny though...he's not evil usually) He sees you as being somewhat of a threat and vaguely acknowledges you have some power, but he insists that he IS death, and that Malapa cannot defeat Death. He'll attack you with many spells, so be sure to get all of your protective spells up to block his while you Blade 2 him. He'll try one more spell after you cream him, but realize that you're the one death cannot defeat. Horrified, he'll run like he's got a dog on his tail. He has the same HP and PP as Ares and Tiamat.

Ooh, she is just such an awful old ice queen of a female dog. She'll insult you over and over, even when you're fighting her for the first time. You can't win, so really just build up your Blade 2 spells and put up protective spells if you want. Attack her until the cutscene occurs, and then...the transformation! Go all out on her. Don't hold back. She deserves a good butt kicking. Finally it's all over...but what of Malapa? What's happened to him? Hel has 31250 HP and 15625 PP.

Wow. He looks...kinda nice, actually. He says that Malapa should be dead. But Malapa aint' going down that easy. Now when you fight him, cast Phoenix 2 whenever you run out of the spell. He has a move that can get you down to the single digits health-wise, and his other attacks are very tough. He's a lot tougher than Hel. But if you defeat him, you'll get a very, VERY good bonus, and the story will be advanced a little more. He's got 37500 HP, 18750 PP, the highest in all the game.

Next for the codes you MIGHT have seen before:

Free Money-667Y2y3
More Physic Powers-4rt453o
Santa T shirt-2375T6
Transport To Boss-21757HR
Rice Pot-217678I
Play as Taryogen-7685RE



They don't work. Don' t get fooled! They do diddly.

Well, that's all for today! I'll be back later to tell you what DOES work. So long for now!


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