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Malapa's Challenge: Codes and Cheats

2007-11-03 12:21:20 by ngrey651

You've seen the bad ones. Now for the GOOD codes. These will do you a world of good.

2&sLqU: Don't think for one moment that this code is fake. It's just tricky. Talk to Zeus in Hel's place and hit "Enter Password". Enter the password and you won't have to answer all those tricky questions. Although really you should answer them, Mythology is fascinating.

jt<ah~NL-: This will get you access to Zeus so that you may answer his questions, and also grant you the privilege of having creamed Death! Yes, there is a bonus for beating Death. I am not telling you what it is or what it does. Go find out yourself!

Moonwalk: Sends you to the beginning of the game, when you fight Minotaur. You'll be walkin' backwards.

NjO9qO-hf: This is the code shown at the end of the game. In the upper right hand corner after the credits are the options "Start Over" or "Continue", just so you know I'm on the level. The code will enable you to continue on with what you had against Hel in a new game. It's the shiznit! Uh, and those are not zeroes in the code. They are "o's". Okay?

NjP9rp-hN: This is for the 1st level, after obtaining the key, just before the Banshee.

h@N~fj6FB: This is for the second level, after obtaining both keys.

Dh~pb+Nj-: This is for the third level, after obtaining both keys and pulling all switches.

fP3VhOjNk: This is for the fourth level, before obtaining the key.

rwjNIf~Hh: This is for the fifth level, after getting both keys.

$YPhNjg-G: This is for the sixth level, after solving all the puzzles and getting both keys.

aLhj~N4-i: This is for the seventh and last level.

And that's all, folks! Take good care of these codes. They'll do you well.


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