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Ambition: The Suicide Bomber

2007-11-06 11:36:48 by ngrey651 was this happening?


My kids...oh Jesus, where are my kids?

"Good morning, Klink International, please hold!"

The secretary at the desk, smiling calmly, continued to answer the question that were rattling off the other end of the line over and over, the answer always being "I'm sorry he's not in yet."

Then that man with the dynamite showed up. "Oh boy." She groaned, looking at what was strapped to his chest.

"There's nobody home. She's trying to frame me, Bridget. Tell her to get out right now or I blow us all to Hell!"

Thank God the cop came in. He leveled his gun at the anxious man who wanted his kids back. "FREEZE."

"Put that gun down or I blow us all to hell! 1...2..."

"All right. I'm putting the gun down. Now what's going on? Who's Bridget?"

"My ex-wife. She's trying to frame me."

"Calm down. I'm Jim. I'm gonna help you out. "

"Do you think I'm crazy!?" The man demanded to know.

Jim shook his head. "I dunno, but that dynamite scares me."

"Are you scared of ME?"

"I'm afraid of getting blown up, ain't you?" Jim said.

The man shook his head. "I don't care. If...if you knew what I'd been'd understand."

"What happened, sir?"

"I put them to bed, I read them a story. Then" The man looked nervous. "I had a few drinks and passed out. When I woke up there was...there was blood everywhere and..." The man looked like he wanted to cry. " kids were GONE."

"That's HORRIBLE." Jim gasped.

"DON'T PATRONIZE ME, PIG! Get Bridget out here now or I blow us all to Hell!" The man yelled.

"Well I don't know where they are."

"Please, you gotta help me!" The man insisted. "She's crazy, she's got my kids!"

"We'll try to get Bridget on the phone, but please put that detonator down."

"Get Bridget on the phone right now! I'm not putting this thing down..." He shook the bomb on his chest slightly, "Until I see them!!!"

"Fine. Lola, can you call up's your name?"

"Hartrup. Ted Hartrup."

"She's not been in for 3 days and there's no answer at her house-"

"LIAR!" Ted yelled, running over to her and getting in her face. "You know where she is, DON'T YOU?!"

"HELP!" The receptionist screamed.

Jim instantly shouted out "THINK ABOUT YOUR KIDS!"

Ted froze up. He shook slightly. "You're, you're right, where-where are my kids? I'm not crazy, I'm not..."

He couldn't take it. He jumped out the window, which shattered with a crash.

"I need a cigarette." Lola complained.

"This...this doesn't look all that good does it? Lord, I know I don't deserve it but...but if you could put a mattress truck beneath me...I'd wash your feet. I'd wash the feet of anyone you told me to, Lord..."


He landed straight into a mattress truck with feathery softness surrounding him.

The cop looked down out the window, unaware...

That someone else had seen the whole thing. Someone who would later be hitching a ride with a young, interracial couple...


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