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Ambition: The Tryst, Part 1

2007-11-06 15:48:39 by ngrey651

Dr. Raleigh and Yale Johnson, Attorney at Law, were both working late and in the same building. Earlier they had both been looking towards each other in a court of law...

"I found him to be suffering from delusions." Dr. Raleigh reported to the court.

"Who? Who was suffering from delusions?" The prosecution asked.

She pointed right at Ted Hartrup, who looked angrily at her. "I am NOT suffering from delusions you parochial QUACK!" She snarled.

"Ted, be quiet." His lawyer Yale said right next to him.

"I'm just a wretched pawn in your game, mister, and I'm not playing!" Ted snapped at him.

"Mr. Hartrup claims that his "God" intervened with a mattress truck and-"

Dr. Raleigh didn't get to finish. Ted burst out. "Do NOT take that borgoise ignorant contemptous tone about a blessed miracle!"

"Order!" The judge's nasally, annoying voice rang out. "The prisoner shall refrain-"

"She's twisting what I said, the sanctamonious sally!"

"ORDER! The prisoner-"

"YOU'RE FIRED." Ted snarled at Yale.

"Bailiff, remove the prisoner." The judge ordered.


"With each turn of fate the circumstances like tumblers in a lock are falling into place, and will unleash my most horrifying potential..."

Before Ted knew it, he was being asked to get out of the police containment car he was in. Being the smart person he was...he struck the cop in the face and BOLTED.

Back at the office building Yale and Angie were at, the Negotiator was speaking with Angie.

"Dr. Raleigh, I don't believe you. He's not delusional. You just said what you said to shut him up about your relationship with-"

"I would like you to not make that accusation." Angie said sternly. "I'm your boss, remember?"

"Grumble-grumble. How ARE you and Yale?"

"Yale and I have been getting to know each other...exponentially in the past few weeks. We've reached a crossroads. Tonight it's do or die time."

"He's married, isn't he?"

"Yes, to "Princess Helen. Her father is Rolf Klink."

"That bigshot CEO? Leading member of the Fascist Party?"

"Yes. I'm not interested in being a mistress. I'm...ready to have a baby. I'm going to ask him to leave her tonight."

The Negotiator was shocked. "Doc, why did you choose Yale?"

"It just HAPPENED." She said. "We became friends, then...more. He has...a beautiful smile, a...a sharp mind. He's...he's so special. I love him."

"Doctor, maybe you ought to have the patience to wait until he becomes available..."

"No. I'm not patient."

"Is Yale patient?"

"Too much so. I need him to make a descisive gesture tonight."

"You might end up making a fool of yourself..."

"I know, but I'm pregnant."

The Negotiator gasped. "WH-WHAAAA?!"

"He's the father, but...he doesn't know."

"Aren't you gonna...gonna TELL him, boss?"

"I'm gonna tell him, but...I don't know how he'll react..."

"Just be honest with him." The Negotiator said, walking out of the room, leaving her. He walked into the room a few doors down, thinking it was the bathroom...

Oops. It was Yale's room.

"Hi Yale. I was just with Angie. She really cares about you." The Negotiator found himself saying.

"I know. I really like Angie, she and I are really close. She's beautiful, sexy, she's smart, and when I'm with her, I feel like a TIGER, y'know what I mean?" Yale grinned, his pearly whites clashing against his smooth black skin.

"But there's a few problems..." He admitted, putting his arms behind his head. "One, I think she's trying to make it serious, and two...I'm already married to my boss's daughter. You met Helen, remember? She's a major pain in the ass. But...but I don't wanna rock the boat until I've made partner...and I don't wanna just break it off with Angie. If you can suggest a win-win...I'm all ears."

"Why don't you just stick to the status quo for now?" The Negotiator asked. "Keep things the way they're going?"

"Because Angie's putting the screws to me. Last time we met, she asked me to throw my wedding ring out the window. When I said no, she refused and walked out!"

"Okay, okay. But Yale, what is more important? True love or your career?"

"They're BOTH important! Let's face it, part of the reason Angie loves me is that I'm a successful lawyer with real career aspects."

"Shouldn't you be looking out for number one right now, even if it means giving Angie the boot?"

"I know there are plenty of fish in the sea. Why give her the boot? She's a beaut!"

The Negotiator sighed. "Will being with Angie help or hinder your prospects, Yale?"

"I...don't know. If Helen caught me with her, that wouldn't help my prospects!" Yale admitted.

"What do you want in the future?"

"I want to make partner. This is a fierce practice here...and it could be mine if I play my cards right." Yale told the Negotiator.

"Would Angie wait long enough?"

"Well, Helen's father, Rolf Klink, he...he's got 6 months to live. Prostate cancer. So YES, I do expect her to wait."

The Negotiator rubbed his chin. "Look, stick with the old man and Helen and go to marriage counseling with your wife."

Yale began laughing. "Ha-ha-ha! That's like going to cooking school with cannibals!"

"Don't you owe the old man?"

"'re right, I...I DO owe him, and...Helen may be a monster, but...I DID love her once, and I want our relationship to work. We'll go to marriage counseling! I wanna save our marriage!"

He reached for the phone and found himself calling his wife. The Negotiator smiled as he heard Helen's announcement that she would be right over and walked into his office to pack away his things.

But then he heard a familiar voice from Yale's office.

"Working late?" Angela Raleigh asked Yale softly.

"Oh crap." The Negotiator thought.


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