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A Victim of Circumstance A Victim of Circumstance

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Lemme see if I can gleam the story right. This girl just used her pendant to murder a guy simply because he wanted to talk to her?

...yeaaaah, that's totally reasonable.

Vladjack4 responds:

It's more like the pendant protects its owner from those who are a threat or are dangerous.

Saved Saved

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

My concern is not with your animation nor your skills. Those I found satisfactory and intriguing. What I DO however object to is the sort of blanket statement that you appear to be making that "religion makes you stupid and evil". If that WAS true, then every single person that ever followed religion, myself included, would be stupid and evil. Since suicide bombers, people who blow up abortion clinics and fundamentalists are the EXCEPTION, not the rule, I take offense to this message. Especially since most Catholics in America believe in Evolution, have no objection to Abortion or Contraception, and people like Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Abraham Lincoln and the Founding Fathers wouldn't BE the people they were in history if not for religion.

So whilst I can understand how you can feel religion is stifling, let me make something clear. There is a difference between blind faith...and BLINDNESS. And if you honestly felt that your beliefs were blinding you, then I have to ask: what the hell kind of religion did you belong to, because mine encourages decent behavior, intelligence and wisdom in everything I do, including thinking about said religion. And frankly, I don't know anything except the most extreme fundamentalisms that tell you NOT to think too hard about this stuff.

ET Excursion 4 ET Excursion 4

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Ah, the animation seems smoother, that's for sure. The opening draws the reader in and intrigues us, wishing us to learn more as soon as possible...and then BAM! Mecha-robot things capturing a medieval woman in the future with robo-centurions that have opti-eyes! This cartoon got AWESOME.

In fact, the setting kinda reminded me of Mega City 1, from Judge Dredd. Though that might be deliberate.

And poor Sleek. He goes from dork to absolute badass in ten seconds...only to have it for just ten more seconds, then get tossed into a jail with his buddies. Evidently the mayor is better at seeing through bluffing bull than he thought. This is DEFINITELY a big upgrade from the last cartoons.

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I am vomiting hair I am vomiting hair

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

As much as I LOVE this game's design and atmosphere...the puzzles are immensely difficult. Especially the wheel one. The one with the green turning thing. I keep TRYING to do it clockwise and according to the paper, yet I am still unable to unlock the door below. There really should be a walkthrough or something for this, because I'm a pretty smart guy and even I'M completely stuck!

Fakewisdom responds:
Mission acomplished!
I did it, it was very, very, very hard to make, but after repeatedly hitting my head against the keyboard i managed to get that stupid recording software to work and after a fiersome fight with the youtube registering system i gave up and made an account on vimeo!

Moonkid Moonkid

Rated 0 / 5 stars

I'm giving this an X solely based on the depressing subject matter alone. When I play my games, I like to think I'm, y'know, MAKING A DIFFERENCE.

Le Choix Le Choix

Rated 0 / 5 stars

...and now for a small list of animals that the average human does not eat.

FOXES. PIGEONS. DOVES. ROBINS. WEASELS. STOATS. FERRETS. HEDGEHOGS. WOLVES. DOGS. CATS. COYOTES. BEARS. RHINOS. HIPPOS. WHALES. DOLPHINS. I could go ON, but to try and paint this idea, to imply that any animal that isn't US is something we'll be chopping up and eating is disgusting. Oh, and by the way, before you say it, YES, animals feel pain. YES, we should cut down on our meat intake. But more for the benefit of the overall environment than the benefit of a cow.

Y'think that cow would have a fun time of it in the wild? Do you think that if a pack of coyotes descended on that cow, it would think "Oh, this is SO much better than being shot in the head and dying painlessly in a matter of seconds, thank you Jesus"!? Yeah, ah, NO.